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Turn Your Shabby into Chic with …
Clay * Chalk * Mineral Base Paint from American Paint Company

Don’t throw away those old dressers, sideboards, desks, chairs, or tables. Give them a make-over!

Every year APC offers 30 standard colors available in sample and quart sizes, plus an annual collection of 12 colors, available in sample and pints

Re-imagine and breathe new life into dated pieces of furniture with creative paint applications and bold colors. Do-it-yourself furniture painting has never been safer or more fun. With a few simple steps, and great, eco-friendly paint products, you can turn worn, cracked, imperfect pieces of furniture into up-cycled heirlooms that add character and beauty to any home.

Beauty Art Gallery can help you turn your furniture into custom pieces of art easily and safely with our line of all natural, zero VOC, eco-friendly and solvent-free paints from American Paint Company. You no longer have to deal with stinky fumes! American Paint Company’s clay, chalk and mineral base paint is thick, rich and self-priming. Thin it or use it straight. Even better APC’s paint is solvent- and fungicide free, requires little surface preparation and washes up with soap and water.

American Paint Company offers a rich range of colors and finishes to help you stay on trend with the latest in home décor. Enjoy 30 colors in the standard collection and 12 in the 2015 American Collection. A clear wax finish, dark vintage antiquing wax, a clear top coat finish, and 3 Glazes (Clear, Black, Brown) are also available to protect your furniture for years to come.

Drab to Fab

In just a few easy steps, you can turn your drab piece of furniture into something fab. Beauty offers ACP paints, waxes, topcoats, cleaner, grit, mica and glazes in large and small sizes for any size painting project. If you’re not sure what to buy for your first job, Beauty offers everything you need to get started in one easy-to-use kit. The Beauty Gallery American Paint Starter Kit contains 3 samples of American paint, 1 pint clear vintage antiquing wax, 2 chip brushes, 1 sheet sandpaper, and a color chart.

Restoring and customizing furniture is easy and fun. Browse our tips and techniques and get started on your first painted project today!


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